Facemask Design & Newsletter Cover #5

Face Masks (10 Pack) Black Cotton Mask - Adult Cute Anime Design - Cool Anti Dust Face Covering

Anime themed masks   Image Source

This week I was assigned to make 2 facemask mockups using my nonprofit’s logo. This was a very simple task and the concept was simple as well. I downloaded a photoshop mockup file of a facemask. I used photoshop to edit the design to put on the masks. The first one was just a white mask so I just put the logo on a white background and placed the jpg of that onto the mockup.

The second one I wanted it to be based on one of the organization’s png’s they sent. In their png they had a dark navy blue background with small scattered triangles of 4 different colors which were light green, light blue, pink, and orange-yellow. I recreated that background for the mask, coloring the background the same navy blue, made many small triangles of the same colors, and scattered them. I exported it as a jpg and placed it on the mask mockup.

Roe v Wade Newsletter #4

What Overturning Roe v. Wade Would Mean | Columbia News

Protest for abortion                       

Image Source

This week I was assigned to design another newsletter article for the current Roe v Wade situation. The theme I chose to do was a 1970’s black and white newspaper because Roe v Wade originated back in the 70’s. I used a picture of 2 women named Norma McCorvey and Gloria Allred holding up a sign saying “keep abortion legal” that I found on google instead of one from the copyright free image site I was using because it didn’t have old black and white Roe v Wade pictures from 1970’s.

I knew that I had to credit the original photographer to avoid copyright so luckily the site I found the photo from captioned and hyperlinked to the original source which was wikimedia commons. I copied and pasted the attribution from wikimedia commons under the photo on my design. I made the background a lighter gray and turned the opacity down on the image so it would have a faded newspaper effect. I put the text into 2 columns and used text wrap on the image.

Environment #3

Anime, Room, Computer, Night, HD wallpaper | PeakpxAnime room with computer, Image Source

My internship is remote so I am only working at home making my designs. There is no workplace attire and no dress code. I just wear regular clothes. There is no “workplace station”. I just work on my macbook air laptop on a sofa or chair. I spend 4-6 hours for 4 or 5 days working on my designs in Indesign for solely typography based designs and Illustrator with Photoshop for things like logos.

This week I designed a newsletter article for AAPI month. The article was about a woman of Korean and Mexican descent telling her story of how difficult it was fitting in because of her mixed race in Texas. I chose to use teal, dark red, and gold to represent the asian theme. I used teal for the headline text, dark red for the background, and gold line accents as a frame surrounding all the text. In my gold line frame I used small asian themed dingbats and changed their color to the same gold as the frame and put 4 small dingbats in each corner of the frame to make it ornamental.

Ethics in Graphic Design

What You Must Know About Copyrights - LAWS.com

Copyright sign   Image Source

Entry 1a

My supervisor just gave me their organization’s logo png and their brand color palette in case of any designs where I may have to add their logo but so far my designs don’t involve adding their logo. I know there are copyright issues for using google images so I googled if there were sites for copyright-free images and there were multiple sites listed. I use images from a copyright-free site named Unsplash and coincidentally I had already been using a copyright-free font site for school projects. I’m glad I can find sources that easily avoid copyright.

Entry 1b

My internship does not require a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement. I never share or post any of my designs for the company. I only send my designs to my supervisor through our messaging app.

Entry 2a

I never used someone else’s entire graphic design or claimed it as my own. I have used parts of designs for my backgrounds but because every design I do is only for school projects, it wasn’t necessary and I didn’t have to give credit. Of course when the professor required me to credit images and sources, I did do that and make captions under images or hyperlinks to sources.

Entry 2b

For the Fairey Copyright case, He should’ve been more careful and not use a photograph from someone else as his entire source without at least contacting the creator of the photo for permission. He made it worse for himself by fabricating and destroying evidence.

It is strange that he may not have suffered too badly because the NYTimes article mentions this “The parties also agreed to share the rights to make posters and merchandise bearing the “Hope” image.” I think its interesting how it seemed like the case should’ve ended badly for Mr. Fairey but surprisingly there was a compromise.

For copyright, the definition for fair use can be misleading because it permits people to use work without permission as long as it doesn’t compete with the industry but Fair Use is more like a catch 22 and you can never be sure that you won’t get copyright strikes so it makes sense to always ask for permission and credit the original creators.

For the H&M controversy, the “coolest monkey in the jungle” tagline wasn’t itself a racist line but because they used a black child instead of any non-black child, it was easy for people to blame it all on the word “monkey” in the tagline because in the past monkeys, gorillas, and apes were used to describe physical appearance of black people.


Kennedy, Randy. “Shepard Fairey Is Fined and Sentenced to Probation in ‘Hope’ Poster Case.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 7 Sept. 2012, https://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/07/shephard-fairey-is-fined-and-sentenced-to-probation-in-hope-poster-case/.

West, Samantha. “H&M Faced Backlash over Its ‘Monkey’ Sweatshirt Ad. It Isn’t the Company’s Only Controversy.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 3 Dec. 2021, https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2018/01/19/hm-faced-backlash-over-its-monkey-sweatshirt-ad-it-isnt-the-companys-only-controversy/.

“Guide to Copyright (1 MB).” Scribd, Scribd, https://www.scribd.com/document/47556757/Guide-to-copyright-1-MB.

About the Organization #2

Charity - Econlib

Giving a helping hand

Image Source link

My internship is a nonprofit organization that helps New Yorkers find economic stability. There are only a few people that I know of that are from the same college in the same department as I am. This internship is remote which makes it easy to focus on completing my designs for my supervisor while doing the assignments for class.

We use a messenger app called “Rock” to communicate. I have chat conversations with the communications and marketing department, one with the nonprofit’s founder, and one with my supervisor. My supervisor sends me tasks, sends the files and body text needed to design, and gives me feedback once I send a design to him in the chat.

I recently did my first design for a newsletter article. The article had to be A4 size. The article text was short so it was a simpler task. The theme was Ukraine so I used blue and yellow to represent Ukraine’s flag. When I opened Indesign, it felt weird using it since I hadn’t used it for a year and only used it for typography classes but I got used to it again quickly.

I used a photo of a pro-Ukraine protest and used a blue filter on it in Photoshop and put it on top above the text in Indesign. I remembered how to justify the text to format it for the short article. The only feedback my supervisor gave me was to remove the hyphens from the text and he liked the color choices, font, and layout.

Searching and Obtaining an Internship #1

Rock – Messenger, Tasks, Notes | iPhone iPad Apps! Appsuke!                                              Rock chatroom logo                                                                                       Image Source Link

2 weeks before the spring 2022 semester ended. I tried searching for an internship in time but I knew I couldn’t get one on my own so I decided to contact my professor to get one as soon as possible before my internship class started. I sent her my resume and phone number. She emailed me back giving me a few things to revise like removing my gpa and putting my courses list and adobe software list in bullet point form.

I called her and talked to her back and forth on the phone and she told me a few more things to revise on my resume and make a portfolio with my best pieces and so I did. Then the professor emailed me telling me to send my resume and eportfolio to the founder of a nonprofit named but when I went to their website it said “attackers might be trying to steal your personal and financial information”.

I looked for reviews online and there were a few that said it was a scam. I jumped to the conclusion that it was a scam because I had fallen for a job scam before for Stickerride USA. I emailed the professor telling her it was a scam then she called me back and said it was just the website. It turns out it was only the nonprofit site’s security certificate that expired.

I emailed the founder my resume, portfolio, and phone number. He called me and we talked about which department I was gonna be in, how many hours to complete, and college paperwork. It was a pretty easy process, I only had to give him my resume and portfolio and he sent me a link to a chat in the rock messenger app. My supervisor sent me a link to a chat between us and a second one with the communications & marketing department. Now I have my first design done and my internship is in progress.