About Me

 Rah-Asia Lassiter is a college student at New York City College of Technology, studying to pursue a career in graphic design. She has a variety of talents and is always learning new ones. Such talents derive within creativity and imagination. She calls those “projects.” Not just the typical projects we all know about, but a more defined version of them. Growing up with her family, showed her one major part of herself- the intensity of inventiveness. She’s consistently working day and late evenings brainstorming thoughts that one of every billion people expend, attempting to locate the most ideal approaches to make her life worth living.

 Imagination is a major piece of her life now and she claims that without it, her heart would unquestionably die. The harder situations get, The simpler it becomes to understand her motivation, which is to continue battling regardless. Perhaps her greatest dream in life is to own a business of her own and change history. 

To put it more simply, Rah-Asia’s capacities consistently rise significantly every day. She’s dedicated, never prepared to surrender her assignments. With this in mind, she values time wisely, like no other human out there, by making a little bit of something every second that passes by. As far as her graphics design goes, her drawing skills improve every step she takes. Nonetheless, she’s the living meaning of a well-portrayed enthusiastic individual. 

Her work defines the beauty of nature with every enthusiastical element she provides. Basing her drawings off reality which provides a more meaningful drawing that people can relate to. As for looks, her drawings expose the use of rich meaningful colors. Besides, her amazing drawing skills, sculpting has always been a secondary skill of hers. Sculpting to her is more like gathering the ideas together into a not so complicated puzzle. It’s intriguing how her works distinguish the meaning by the different kinds of materials she uses.