My Name is Richard Joseph, I’m a father of three and grandfather of 2. I love to express myself in everything I do and consider myself a creative and a maker. In the photo above, I am doing one of my favorite things in the world, snowboarding.

I am a multimedia designer who has created in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator as well as motion graphics/animation in After Effects. On occasion created books and journals with Indesign. I am familiar with photography and love to take photos who turn his nose up at automatic settings because I love the manual process. Hand me a video camera and I will whip up a cool little music video of my snowboarding adventures with Premiere.

While I do have a day job, I am also and entrepreneur and utilize my creative sprit in the fashion world by hand crafting bow ties, suspenders and hand stitched leather goods and have gone as far as inking a deal to make bow ties for the King of Beer, Budweiser.

Im a hands on kind of guys and love to learn new things and after learning how to fly drones I began to build them from scratch.