The Giving Season

It has always been an important value of mines to give and help others in need but naturally our awareness of those in need are heighten around the holiday season. I am currently a part of a church community by the name of St. Augustine’s not too far from where I live.

We often hold fundraisers and Christmas shows around this time to raise funds for those in need and established charities. We accept toy donations for children in the community that are not as fortunate to receive some of the things that we often take for granted. We also host trips to less developed countries where help is needed and more prayer is always welcomed. I am very honored to be a part of this community based group and also donate to other groups such as the Cypress Hills Child Care Corp where I am currently finishing up my urban clinical rotation.


My Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is…..

The connection between a caregiver and one in need of care is based on the understanding of some of the most simple things in life. This understanding goes beyond the need for food, shelter and water and climbs all the way to the top of Maslow’s hierarchy. Nursing is not only to address all of these needs but it defines the way in which these needs are addressed. Nursing is to administer safe, high quality care with the ultimate goal being the best patient outcome. Nursing is also defined by culturally competent care, culture dictates the approach by which care is administered. Nursing is individualized, we cater to the individual not to the disease. Nursing is to provide care taking into consideration all aspects of the person holistically; the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. To nurse is to advocate, to be a voice, to be an ear, to be a hand. It is to remain passionate, to remain sensitive and continue to seek wellness.