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For this assignment we were asked to choose a quotation and create three designs that would enhance its meaning.  I decided to use a saying that is credited to Lily Tomlin, “The road to success is always under construction.”  This quote appeals to me because of my construction background and the fact that I am constantly working toward a goal.  Lily Tomlin is a Tony, Emmy and Grammy Award winner, as well as an Academy Award nominee.  As such, she is clearly a person who knows a thing or two about the road to success.  Below are three concepts I developed in a vain effort to visually convey the quotation.




Design #1 (pdf)

Photo Credit


The first concept I came up with was to make use of a photo depicting road construction barrels extending into the distance and out of focus.  The image conveyed the idea of a road and construction, but also that as we look to the future, our sight of what’s out there becomes unclear. Originally, I left the photo unaltered and simply added the quote using a script typeface.  To make the design more interesting, I used Photoshop to add a “cutout” effect, adjusted the colors, and used a text that appears more hand written.  I have been playing with other artistic effects on this photo, but decided to submit this particular example.

Here is an earlier draft of the first design:  Construction Barrels Early Draft



Design #2 (pdf)

Image Source


For my second design, I chose the very common image of a road work sign in orange and black. The idea of construction is conveyed by the black figure with shovel in hand.  To maintain simplicity, I left the background a solid field of black.  The quote runs along the top two sides of the diamond-shaped sign in an orange sans serif typeface.  I had considered putting the text inside the sign to give it an enclosed feeling,as though the whole concept could be enclosed within the actual sign, but decided against it.




Design #3 (pdf)


My third design is primarily typographical.  I decided to use a sans serif, block-like font in black for the first part of the quote.  I added two yellow lines to give the text the appearance of being a road. Above and below the “road” is “construction tape” that completes the quotation.  The background is a dark gray that makes the yellow lines pop out.  My original idea was to transform  “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” into something that looked like a construction barrier by adjusting the angle and spacing of the letters.  Ultimately, I decided that the current design was more clear.

Here is one of the earlier drafts of the third design: Quote Text Early Draft

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