This course presents a combination of technical and engineering mathematical concepts
for computer engineering technology students using various development tools for
performing mathematical analysis. Practical technical examples and problems within the
engineering technology are presented. At course termination a student should be able to

  • Analyze electrical/electronic circuits and compare the mathematical, simulated and
    practical solutions.
  • Develop computer programs and numerical simulations for engineering and scientific applications.
  • Solve computer engineering technology problems including definition, analysis,
    development and implementations.
  • Understand the importance of applied mathematics used in technology such as the
    use of integration, Differential Equations, Fourier Transforms, Laplace Transforms
  • Be proficient in the use the  MATLAB platform and toolboxes for analysis, simulation, programming and the recording of research results through the use of  Live Script notebooks.
  • Students are encouraged to also explore open source alternatives like SCILAB, OCTAVE, PYTHON , R, SAGE,  JULIA, JAVA, C++ etc


Lecture notes will be posted weekly.  To bring up the lecture notes select ‘Course Profile’ from the menu above and choose files. Additional material and relevant links will be added over time as blog posts.