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A Bigger Job

After I started getting used to the operation and how things worked in the office I got a big job to work on alone. The client worked for the NYPD and he needed a few plaques made for a ceremony honoring his fellow officer. The job was pretty easy. The only issue I ran into was redoing the logo they already had. I did it about 4 times because my supervisor thought it wasn’t a good rendition each time. Then I realized the problem was I tried to put to much detail into the design. After I brought the simple and clean version to my supervisor he said it was perfect and then showed me why the logo needed less detail to work better. The machine that he used to print the plaques used precise precision if I kept a lot of detail in the design I wouldn’t come out correctly. I think learning to make work come to life is extremely beneficial. I see this experience being helpful in the near future.