problem 2 reflection

Problem 2-




Our task for this problem was to plan , produce paperwork necessary to meet  the needs of band and the talent show. To solve our problem  we needed  to find a solution to the raked deck and the logo stencil on for the band.

We decided to build the platform out of 4×8 open frame decks resting ¬†an 1×6¬† ledger that are locked in with the side step leg.¬† I believed we had a solid ¬†¬†solution to our deck problem¬†¬† because it incorporated techniques of build both triscuit decks and stud walls and open framed decks. With a short turnover between the band and the talent show with thought of buying a vinyl stencil, The logo could be easily removed off the deck. During the early phases of finding a solution we came up with renting steel deck and adding ¬†an additional¬† piece of ¬ľ mdf to have a flat surface the stencil could adhere to.




Money was not an issue for this problem because we are messing with a hypothetical budget but this also meant we didn’t have to compare cost of buying material. This problem is similar to how some venue and rental spaces have to plan out the changes needed from day to day in order to meet the needs of the show.




My job for this assignment was produce the cad file for our  solution to the deck.  Having some experience in autocad this was a great was on built my skills on the program. Our solution thought we initially thought out of was very time cumbersome to reproduce within the drafting program. Also while digging deeper into the load in it can become difficult to build as the platform have  multiple different sized legs. All the legs  can be troublesome to manage around with a crew of student in the tech production class. For future problems i could try to flush out the plan for the build and the load in to try and get a realistic solution. If we spent more time into thinking about  the solution before starting to draft we could have reduced the amount of time spent on making the file.

raked deck prototype
close up leg and ledger attachment