Critique Assignment 6

I really enjoyed doing this project. Although it was a lot to do in such a short amount of time, I am very happy with the outcome. I know I could have done my illustration a lot better than from what it came out but with such short time to work on it I am actually proud with how it came out.

Digital Illustration


Here is my final illustration for this class. It is based upon my boyfriend holding my hand. I chose this significant moment because he always keeps me sane and is always relaxing me whenever I’m not feeling good or whenever I’m mad.

Work Tally: 2 Hours

Color Interaction Studies


I am really pleased with how this project came out. Working with three people was very difficult because we had to get the center color look different with the colors we chose for each other. My partners were Beverly and Genesis. The shooting star was chosen for Genesis, the cup of hot steaming coffee for me and the smoke for Beverly.

Work Tally: 2 Hours




Doing this study was a little bit more challenging than doing the other two studies.  The middle squares had to be different colors but also had to resemble the same color.  Having the center square resemble the same color in the middle depended on the larger squares color.

Work Tally: 30 Minutes.




I found this study much rather interesting than the Grayscale study.  I like using colors when it comes to these projects.  The fact that your brain can play tricks on you to see the illusion of the middle square being a supposedly different shade of the original color makes it all the more fun.