Completion for far rockaways

FAR ROC [For a Resilient Rockaway] is a two-phase design competition that will explore innovative strategies for the planning, design and construction of a resilient and sustainable development at Arverne East, an 80+ acre site on the Rockaway Peninsula.

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We have been regularly updating the resources here, at the latest additions are listed below:

Reducing Flood Effects in Critical Facilities
NY Hurricane Sandy Recovery Resources

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This website

This is a resource website to help us develop a curriculum that addresses resilient design.  In this website you will find lots of links and articles that provide information on resilient design and related issues. Some of the most useful data can be found under the FEMA and New York City tabs.

We welcome all your comments and thoughts and suggestions. If you discover any additional resources please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Following is one of many helpful emails that Professor Illya Azaroff has sent the faculty to help us grasp the issues. It introduces many of the concept and outlines some of the important issues and upcoming events. Inside the letter are additional links.

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City tech resiliency curriculum

by: Illya Azaroff

All I am up in Albany at the AIANY state board meeting. I have been elected to the board for this year and will co chair an advocacy team that will forward resiliency strategies in the practice and education of architecture.

For our curriculum we have a great deal of material available to us to incorporate into our course materials and discussions for any and all classes.

This last weekend the MAS held a two day workshop and presentations that is available on line with specific subjects such as as Risk, the Role of Data, waterfront, infrastructure etc. I have attached the materials outline so you can view the 30 minutes that is relevant to your course or courses. I was part of the the Role of Data last Saturday morning highlighting field data gathering, mapping, GIS, SLOSH maps etc.

In addition please click here for a Responding to the Crisis, Governor Cuomo summary that outlines what the state of New York will be doing going forward. The synopsis includes information and future opportunities for our graduates if the conversation and materials in our classes steers the conversation in the direction of resiliency and training.

SAP training. I have recently organized and went through SAP
Safety Assessment Program training for damaged buildings. I will receive my certification in a few weeks and have materials that can be used as part of building technology classes, structures and detailing. If any faculty member is interested in receiving SAP training I am organizing another session with architecture for Humanity New York that should occur in the next month. Let me know.

FEMA hurricane resistant structures training. HURRIPLAN
I am part of a team that has organized FEMAs Hurriplan training for New York Architects. I will be trained as a “trainer” for future Hurriplan sessions this year and I would like to know if the college is interested in hosting a two day session for faculty and Brooklyn Architects in the Fall of this year? The training is extensive and participants receive 14 HSWs. The materials are valuable teaching tools.

I am also working on student opportunities with OEM and City Planning.

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