Small Assignments (2 points each)

  1. Neighborhood Walk (300 – 500 word writing assignment) Take a half hour walk around your neighborhood. Write a two page narrative about the walk indicating things you noticed for the first time and things that are familiar to you. Indicate your impressions and feelings about this neighborhood, the people, and the social environment.
  2. Theoretical Stream (short written assignment) Interpret the “Man on the Mountain” metaphorical story, and apply it to research. Indicate some problems that exist in the process of research that emerge from the story. Suggest a possible ending to the story.
  3. Annotated Bibliography (written form in APA format, as presented in class and sample)Based on a theoretical stream that relates to your social question and research field, annotate five journal articles, with each annotation includinga. brief summary of the article

    b. how this relates to your specific theoretical stream

    It should about 150 – 200 words per journal article.

  4. CITI Training (online project)Complete the CITI Training Certification for Responsible Conduct of Research RCR. You can find the links on the CUNY website. Once you have completed the certification course, you are to upload the pdf. completion certificate here.
  5. Informed Consent (template) Using the template provided in the content section, or any template you find online that serves your purpose best, adapt it to fit your research project as if you were required to present this to an interviewee prior to an interview or survey. (since this is informal research in this course, you are not required to follow through and give this to each respondent). It’s an exercise!
  6. VALS Survey (online project)Complete the VALS Survey and upload your results here. Indicate to what degree you believe it is correct or not and why you suspect the results are the way they are.
  7. 5 Question Survey given to 10 people (written sample) Complete a 5 Question survey based on a continuum scale, preferably a Likert Scale, based on the social research question you have come up with. You are then to administer the survey to at least 10 people in your neighborhood. Post the survey here. The results will become part of your quantitative analysis.
  8. Cinematic Montage (5 slide power point with picture montage) Create a Power Point slide show about your research field documenting something visual. It must represent the “best” of at least 50 photographs you have taken assembled into a collage. These will be presented in class. Make sure they are COMPLETED PRIOR TO PRESENTATION DAY.
  9. Frequency Count (Short description of the methodology and geographic and timing specifications) Complete a tabulation frequency count of some phenomenon in your neighborhood that relates to your social research question. Post what your frequency count is here, and what the tabulated results were. You may use a raw jpeg. photo of the tabulation sheet or an excel sheet. Either way, you will use this data for your final Quantitative Project.
  10. Guest Lecture Responses (a minimum of two paragraphs, or point form) From each of the guest lectures you must submit a written report of notes that indicate your attention and participation in the guest lecture. They may be in paragraph, bullet point notes, or a jpeg photo of your hand written notes. There are 3 or 4 guest lectures per semester.