Tooth modification Abstract.

The concept of tooth jewelry isn’t new and has been around for centuries.   In my paper, I talk about the Mayans influence of practice today and  the two ways people are currently achieveing the jeweled tooth look; Cementing temporary gems on the tooth (a 15 minute process at the dental office) and Grills which is popular in places like the South. Grills are caps which is either permanently or temporarily  cemented to  the entire anterior teeth.  Caps can be plain (gold, silver or platinum) or decorated in jewelry of the wearers choice.  Grills are mainly assoicated  with hip hop artists. I also compare the history, the process and health concerns according to the ADA of having jewelry in the mouth.    At the end my research, I notice that having a gem temporarily cemented to the tooth is not only least costly than having grills, but is becoming very popular in places like Santa Barbara.

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  1. This abstract is good. I have to say, I didn’t know people would put gems in their mouth. Wouldn’t it protrude out a lot and make your mouth feel uncomfortable? How can you actually eat with gems on your mouth? Is it stuck onto your teeth or is it just a crown that covers your existing tooth? When you mentioned about health concerns it made me think, “wow, what happens if your gems came off and accidentally swallowed it”? That’s pretty dangerous. The good job! I =). Looking forward to you paper if you want to upload it here on open lab.

    Lawrence Lee

    • Hi Lawrence,
      Thank you for comment and sorry I took so long too reply. You ask almost the same questions I did when I first started to do my research. In order to put in gems on the tooth, a hole is first drilled into the facial surface of the tooth. The dentist then fits the gem into the hole so that only a small area is left out. Its then cemented into the hole. If it gets loose and you swallowed it, it won’t be harmful because it’s small. Base on my research, it is dangerous because it can trap bacteria around the tooth an that can cause complications. I would never put gems in my mouth because i dont think its smart too drill holes in the tooth. I hope I answered all your questions 🙂

  2. Thank You very much for your kind reply. You did answer all of my questions =)

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