Deepfakes can be useful for the entertainment industry. Deepfakes can be used to bring back the dead as a hologram. Deepfakes can be beneficial for healthcare, using AI to detect rare diseases or using AI-enhanced holograms during a global pandemic.

In the current time, deepfakes are being used for every wrong purpose. The politicians and their supporters are using deepfakes to spread wrong information about their opponents to gain the favor of the public.

Another and most common misuse of deepfake is pornography. The spread of fake pornography is a severe threat to celebrities. Female celebrities especially are a big target of deepfake pornographic videos (DPVs). DPVs are not only a danger to celebrities but also to public figures and faces. DPVs are a hazard to the general public as well.

The media significantly contributed to the issue. They spread fake news for fame, influence, and power without fact-checking the news. Such irresponsible behavior affects readers’ and watchers’ behavior as many people only believe what they saw or heard without fact check, and victim-blaming always starts with such cases.