Haider Ali is a Computer Information Systems major in his last semester at New York City College of Technology. He is developing his skills as a software engineer specializing in Dynamic Web Development. This year he will graduate with his bachelor’s degree and will continue to hone his skills as a developer in the hope of creating software that will change the world one day.

Edwin Ascencio is enrolled in the electrical engineering technology bachelor’s program. He minors in physics and will continue to study to acquire a physics bachelor’s degree. This term is his last term in the bachelor’s program. Edwin is hardworking and strives to be the best in his academic studies. He hopes to have his second degree by next Fall. He wants to work for NASA in near future.

Norbert Derylo is a third-year enrolled in the computer information systems major. He is getting his Associate’s degree this semester and plans to get a bachelor’s degree. He plans to get a job as a data scientist at a Forbes 500 company.

Shemei John is a Computer System major with one year left at New York City College of Technology and wants to one day soon become a System Engineer. He enjoys reading and playing video games in his spare time and sometimes fiddling with his computer.

Brandon Sosa is a Computer Systems major at New York City College of Technology. Brandon is a Techn Enthusiast and loves exploring the new technology the world has to offer. Brandon wants to work one day with Homeland Security using the vast technology they have. He has graduated with his Associate’s degree and will be completing his degree in Database within City Tech.

Sebastian Vela is a computer information systems major in his third year at City Tech. Sebastian spends his time refining his skills in the hopes that one day he will achieve his dream job. In his free time, he likes to play football and drive.