Summer Internship

Dear All,

I am going to select 2 of you to do summer research with me at NASA this summer. It is going to be a very difficult decision for me for all of you have been very motivated and passionate about this field of study. However, since I can only take 2 students with me I will have to get this done want it or not. The selection criteria is your grade in your final, your project, your overall performance in the class, your GPA, your exposure to internships, the semester you are graduating and others that we can continue discussing about in the class. All those that will not be selected will strongly be encouraged to apply for internships in the field on individual basis.

All the best and see you on Tuesday


Viviana Vladutescu

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  1. Pupils who have taken gain of summer months internships abroad eventually drop in enjoy with the tradition and the atmosphere that their host nations provide you with. Given that of this, most of them would want to convert their internships to a usual project opportunity and keep in these countries for a longer time.

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