Unit 3

Unit 3 Brochure/Artist Statement

For the topic I chose to user the genre of a brochure and an artist statement. As I believe this is the best way to present to obesity without losing the attention of the audience. I understand that we’re online and anyone can simply ignore my brochure like its a spam ad but rest assured this brochure present the best points of why you pay attention. This brochure will educate the audience in a simply paragraph  more or less showing all the keys points of obesity without overfilling the audience with an absurd amount of information. The reason why I chose to use the brochure was because its a very efficient way to spreading the message to others. As right now we are online I could simply send a link to others so they could read. But in person I can simply hand the brochure to people and have them read it. The targeted audience I this brochure is generally for everyone as weight loss is a crucial thing Americans try to follow and begin. Therefore making this brochure the best way to target a huge audience as this brochure explains the methods of losing weight and the impacts it has on people who are obese.

Brochure Unit 3

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