Unit 1

Unit 1 Final Essay – Adam Ibrahim

An idea of education for me is when you become a successful person with learning new things and having a diploma. You have some teachers who would help you become a better learner and some who wouldn’t care if you pass or not. There are some people that are self taught. The particular reason is that some say “self-study allows students to take learning at their own pace”. This demonstrates education is for everyone but teachers make it harder for students to learn and enjoy. It impacted me differently teaching new stuff and overcoming hard decision and life choices. 

I had a teacher who was willing to stay with me after class to improve my writing. The situation was that I just moved to the United States and I never wrote an essay. I had to be specific with my writing and including details in my first ever essay. Throughout class I was confused and my classmate started writing. The struggles were writing without expanding or explaining my details. I had that one teacher who would help me with the writing and signed me up with an after school program to improve my writing skills. which I joined a after school program to improve my writing. 

Another way education has changed my life with thinking about our life situations such as how to deal with money. As teachers always say you must be prepared for the outside world with real life situations. for the rest of my education year I begun to follow this routine and on my way to becoming a top student. I stayed up the late hours when I was home doing homework, making sure I was asking for help. staying around teachers who I knew would keep me in check and always make sure that I was doing good. I began to see my grades excel in most areas and it was a great feeling.

Having a great education throughout your years is great for building a good education builds up a person identity. with having difficult obstacles facing in school but we a well developed education having a great long you are are set a high standards and goals for yourself you are bound to success and to overcome any challenge in the way.

In Conclusion To sum up everything that has been stated, my experience with education and other students like me that are self taught; everyone struggles at one point. But we still learn and what we learn we use in real life situations. Overall I have accomplished a lot such as improving my writing.

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