Unit 1

Final Draft

” You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secrets to your success is found in your daily routine ” by John C. Maxwell. I realized in order to become successful at anything in life you must break the negative habits of yourself. I came to that realization because I had some negative habits that needed to change. One day, I discovered audiobook while browsing online, I clicked on a free trail offer for 30 days which included Dr. Joe Dispenza’s audiobook titled ” Breaking the negative habits of yourself “. After signing up for the offer I looked up mr. dispenza background, he graduated from Rutgers university with a degree in biochemistry. Also, I found out that he was a researcher, lecturer, author and corporate consultant. Once I completed his audiobook ” Breaking the negative habit of yourself ” I knew my life changed for the better with the negative habits I wanted to changed such as time management, procrastination and self doubt.

Time management and I did not mix well like oil and water. The relationship was so bad it nearly cost me my job and potentially a career as an optical manager or ophthalmologist within the company. That horrible experience, which was created by my inability to STAY IN THE MOMENT when a situation arose or not preparing myself the night before with either clothes being pressed or not getting enough sleep. I made a promise to myself that I would improve my tardiness in which I did because I was able to take advantage of my jobs college retention program making my dream a possibility. What I took from ” Breaking the habit of being yourself ” that helped me with time management was soon as you think of something to do act on it right of way because in action theres power. If you wait or negotiate with yourself on putting off what needs to be done it would never get done.

Procrastination was a major achilles heel for myself since I could remember. I procrastinated for years trying to get back into school, using excuses like having kids or working full time stop myself from going back to obtain a degree. In spite of the negative habit, I’ve always been an ambitious individual who wanted more out of life. Therefore, the moment I discovered ” Breaking the negative habit of yourself ” it shifted my mindset, changing my perspective on the negative habit instead of it allowing it to continue to hinder me by OVERCOMING YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Dr. Dispenza says your environment shapes you either in a negative or positive way, so if your mentality is negative everything that would happened to you would be negative in your reality because you attracted it to yourself.

Self doubt has cost me some opportunities in my life time. For example, an opportunity to become an optician at my job in the optical department was made available because an employee transferred to another location. If I had not procrastinated going back to school and not doubted myself because of lack of confidence in my abilities I would of have gotten the position. I used that missed opportunity as a learning experience to start something even though you don’t feel ready or the timing isn’t ideal. Even in ” Breaking the negative habits of yourself ” it says to always stay in the PRESENT MOMENT and not to look back because the past does not matter, it’s simply building blocks to move forward in your path towards your future.

In conclusion, you may make the necessary changes to your life to change any negative habit but life is a marathon in a sense you would have to use your experience and/or refer back to any material that may helped with your adjustment or evolution.

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