Announcements Unit 2

For Monday 4/5: Draft of Research Question + 3 Preliminary Sources

Happy Spring Break! I hope you’re all taking this week to relax and spend time with family and outside. I also don’t want you to lose sight of our work in this course, which is almost 2/3 over!

To that end, I wanted to just reach out and remind everyone that you have work due for Monday 4/5, which is the draft of your Research Question and 3 preliminary sources for your Unit 2 Assignment, the Reflective Annotated Bibliography. If you haven’t yet (somehow) read the assignment page, please do so ASAP. If you have and still have questions, please reach out to me via email ASAP.

Regardless, you must submit your draft of the Research Question + 3 preliminary sources by Monday 4/5 @ 6 PM, before our Zoom class meeting. At this point in the semester, things start to move a little more quickly so it’s important to stay in touch with me and don’t fall behind!

-Professor Reichert

Unit 2

“Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts”

I agree with Franzen’s ideas that there is a difference between loving and liking something. When we like something, we just get involved with it on the surface without much emotions involved, and you cannot go to the extent of sacrificing a lot for its sake. As Franzen says, liking makes one look at things from a distance and express their dissatisfaction about how things are done without taking a meaningful step to change the situation. When we like, we do not engage in real-world issues, and we probably live a lie. However, when one loves something, their heart goes for it, and they are fully committed to acting selflessly in its favor. Loving makes one develop a deep and meaningful relationship with something and learn how to deal with challenges that come along the way.
Based on Franzen’s ideas which I agree with, my relationship with my smartphone makes me concerned. I am worried that I have a high liking tendency of technology that sometimes I forget to experience real love that can only be acquired by physically having a relationship with real people and real animals. I find myself spent hours in social media apps, trying to connect with friends in a visual world, seeking likes and recognition from people that I barely know. I have realized that with technology, people put more focus on appealing to others. I am worried that if I keep liking for the rest of my life, I will struggle to find a meaningful relationship with people and things in my surrounding environment. For that reason, I am planning to reduce my obsession with liking technology and spare time to move out and meet real people and real animals because it is out there that I can develop love and create meaningful relationships.

Announcements Unit 2

Video – Unit 2 Explainer!


Here’s a video that goes into deeper detail about the Reflective Annotated Bibliography. I recorded this last semester, but it’s about the same assignment and almost everything that I explain here is applicable to this semester’s version of the assignment. I just wanted to give you a bit more insight into what you’re going to do.

Important differences (all of which are accurate on the assignment page):

  • You’re required to use three sources, not the four/five I mention in the video, and each annotation should be 400 words.
  • With the intro + conclusion, that brings the total word count to ~1900 words. That sounds like a big number – trust me, you’ll have plenty to say about each source and I’ll be advising you along the way.
  • Due dates:
    • Mon. 4/5: Research Question/3 preliminary sources
    • Fri. 4/9: Rough Drafts
    • Wed. 4/14: Peer Review Session
    • Fri. 4/16: Final Drafts