Discussions Unit 2 Weekly Assignments

Liking is for Cowards. Go for what Hurts.”

The whole concept of like vs love about technology was a bit odd but Yes I agree with Jonathan Franzen main idea concept of like vs love as to me liking could be simply alternative of I like it but it’s not that nice or I like it but not enough to buy but loving there no but you don’t try to find something wrong that restricts you from getting ,buying or simply proceeding with it, also love it’s more about getting attached, there it’s something that made you love it compare to like which is more of a common thing to me has less meaning and I guess Jonathan was kinda implying the same thing but with technology in his own way

My relationship with my phone does concern me sometimes when I really think about it as I would definitely say I can’t be without my phone, what else would I do especially in this generation now everything revolves around this one technology I think it’s near impossible to not get attached to it. but  I love my phone and mainly I’m attached to the things it have inside like pictures memories, and the things it can do ,it would take me a bit of process to switch phones as I’m not the type person to often switch phones unless I see the benefit of it as in if the latest phone have something beneficial enough for me to change phones. Technology has been the main resource for everything from jobs to school to basic social life  revolves around technology specially smartphones and it definitely has caused a big changes in both good and bad way as a young adult I do think it’s important to do sometimes take time off the screens but with this current pandemic that has not been possible as it only increased my use of technology.

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