Discussions Unit 2

Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.

Yes I do agree with Franzen’s concept of like versus love. In this modern era of technology we are so consumed by all these gadgets and become less interactive with people and our natural environment. No longer do we meet at a park bench to have a chat, we just get on our phones and chat or we do video calls. There has been so much change since the advancement of technology in how we relate to people.

Yes, I am definitely concerned about my relationship with my phone although it has decreased a lot since becoming a parent, it has defintely picked up again since the pandemic. Society today and especially since the pandemic, there has been an increased need to use smartphones/technology.  Now most kids are learning remotely using technology, more online shopping, more emails are being sent and received than ever before. We now do online banking, online ride share programs. Almost everything now is centered around technology.  Since the pandemic I have started using my laptop and smartphone a lot more. I order almost all of my grocery and clothing items online as I try to avoid going shopping, all my college classes are online, my parent-teacher conferences are on zoom rather than face-to-face, I order food via apps, schedule doctor’s appointment using an app and even recently had a virtual doctor’s visit. I am sometimes concerned that even after the pandemic, technology usage will not change so much and it is very worrisome.

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