Unit 1

Unit One Education Narrative Draft- Nicholas Contrada

Have you ever felt like your back is against the wall when it comes to school? Cant understand a subject, lessons aren’t making sense? Or maybe even having too much homework/assignments due that you just cant seem to focus on. Have you ever wondered how you learn? Everyone has a personal learning type which could be a key to your education, or even just life in general. Finding a mental routine can help keep your work consistent and your mind refreshed, understanding your learning type can play a big part in your education.

Throughout my education I was never really an A+ student, nor was I a failure. I always found my self just evening out, average. Nothing more nothing less. My friends would exceed onto honors society, and institutes of science and such. This motivated me, and drove me to do better in a way. But I always found my self not focused, always procrastinating. A lot of the time; not really interested on the subject at hand. I later came to realize I just wasn’t putting enough effort into my work, I should be doing more. I started asking more questions in class to help me understand subjects more, I started asking classmates there take on an assignment and how they approached it. Asking more questions for better understanding on things opened up a road for me I had not yet been down, but needed to be.

Getting more involved with class opened up a new way of thinking for me. I realized you can always be a good student; handing stuff in on time, passing tests, speaking well during presentations etc. But what’s it all really worth if you don’t have an understanding of it? A colleague of mine in the Electric industry once told me, “anyone can connect a red wire to a blue wire. Its why you are connecting wire A to wire B.” If you have a full understanding of the task at hand you can do anything. Understanding; “I have to do this to make this work” instead of  being told instructions and doing it. “Why” compared to “what” separates the good students from the great. But to get to “why” you have to know your learning type.

There are three learning styles that exist, Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. Seeing, hearing, and hands on. I would mostly associate myself with Kinesthetic, I usually play with something until I figure it out. But I find myself using all three. Every person uses them but may not even notice. The key is to become familiar with the three. Ask questions, ask to see something, ask to touch something. Once you find out your learning type, you will have a different perspective of learning in general. You will find yourself asking the right questions to fully understand something, knowing what you have to visually see to comprehend something, knowing how to approach something with your hands to understand the mechanics of it. Understanding how to learn will help you understand.

In conclusion, your learning type will help you for the rest of your life. Not just with school, but outside of school also. Discover yours and learn how to learn!



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Hi Nicholas, as I read your education essay, I noticed that the main topic is personal learning and how you concentrated and improved your work. I think your paper will be more substantial if you put some evidence of people or cases about the way of learning. Also, I like how you concluded your writing by giving referral advice on when or where people can use the method of learning. I definitely think that your final draft will be exciting to read.

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