Instructor’s Resource Manual for Reading Support


This manual provides reading strategies and resources for Integrated Reading and Writing corequisite instruction. 



PART I: The Integrated Reading and Writing Instructional Cycle

Model Integrated Reading and Writing Instructional Unit

PART II: Active Reading Strategies


Active Reading


Dialectic Notetaking

Fix-up Strategies

Reading Made Easy: Strategies for Online Teaching

Reading Made Easy: Effective Reading Strategies for Online learning


The Reading Journal


Reading Quizzes

Question-Answer Relationship

PART III: Vocabulary Development

Context Clues

Structural Analysis: Common Word Parts

Student Vocabulary Strategy

Transitional/Signal Words

PART IV: Building Reading Skills

Finding the Main Idea

Supporting Details

Main Idea and Supporting Details Practice

Making Inferences

PART V: Reading Critically

How to Read Critically

How to Read Like a Writer

Developing a Rhetorical Analysis

PART VI: Reading to Write

Writing a Reading Response

How to Summarize

Developing a Rhetorical Analysis

Summarize, Analyze, & Respond (SAR)

Source Synthesis

PART VI: Building a Class Portfolio

PART VIII: Appendix- Strategy Templates


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