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Surrealism — A Classic! What might you cover in…fur?

“Object,” Meret Oppenheim. 1936. In the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Colloquially known as “Fur Teacup and Saucer”

“Oppenheim’s fur-lined teacup is perhaps the single most notorious Surrealist object. Its subtle perversity was inspired by a conversation between Oppenheim, Pablo Picasso, and the photographer Dora Maar at a Paris café: admiring Oppenheim’s fur-trimmed bracelets, Picasso remarked that one could cover just about anything with fur. “Even this cup and saucer,” Oppenheim replied.

In the 1930s, many Surrealist artists were arranging found objects in bizarre combinations that challenged reason and summoned unconscious and poetic associations. Object—titled Le Déjeuner en fourrure (The lunch in fur ) by the Surrealist leader André Breton—is a cup and saucer that was purchased at a Paris department store and lined with the pelt of a Chinese gazelle. The work takes advantage of differences in the varieties of sensual pleasure: fur may delight the touch but it repels the tongue. And a cup and spoon, of course, are made to be put in the mouth.


-copied from MoMA website.



Ladies and gentleman: the loosestrife. A nice enough looking plant, member of the lythrum family, and found growing wild in most continents. However, consider its darker side: it can grow taller than Carmello Anthony, cluster in colonies up to eight feet wide, and its fruit is also called a “capsule.” Does this sound at all like something out of sci-fi? Oh, we forgot to mention: they can resist drought.

Here you go. A plant bigger than a man, that doesn’t need water.

Please write a short paragraph as though you were Stephen King, and cast “loosestrife” as you please.

Hoodies or No Hoodies?, or, How Do I Decide What to Wear in the Morning?

One of my students told me that it wasn’t a question of whether or not he’d wear a hoodie — it was only which one he’d choose.  Another student told me, “Well, the weather plays a big factor…” How do you decide? Or, are you even awake enough to decide? Hit “comment,” above, and tell us your story.

Don’t worry, we won’t shine the spotlight on you too hard. There’s no wrong answer here.

You’re In For It!

A new experience. A bunch of people you never met before. A new professor. Will you be…ok? Aaaaaaaaaagh! Head immediately to the Bookstore to buy your supplies (see MATERIALS, above). Get the email contact of at least one other person in class. And strap yourselves into your seats and brace yourselves. That’s my advice.  I’ll tell you the rest when we meet. Me? I’m psyched. See you first day. And try not to worry.

We’re all just waiting for….you. : )


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