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Author: Mike

The Room “Movie Review”

Vile yet interesting. This movie serves its purpose as the worst film ever made, but somehow it was enjoyed by millions of people. Written by and starred Tommy Wiseau and Directed by Greg Sestero, It tanked in the box office making only 1,800 dollars on a 6 million dollar budget. But over the course of the last 10 years, The room has successfully made profit due to DVD, streaming sales, and merchandise.

One of the reasons “I” find this film enjoyable is because you don’t usually have the chance to watch inexperienced actors on set portraying their roles, so instead of watching a movie about a successful banker watching his life being torn apart as his wife has an affair with his best friend. I’m watching a bunch of people “acting” on a studio behind a bunch of cameras and lights. That’s enjoyable to me because you don’t usually see that in a movie too often, you’re used to watching actors actually do their jobs. But in this case it’s entertaining to watch actors portray their roles poorly in a sense to amuse the audience without intending to.

JLuis_001 says ” The Room is perhaps the worst movie in history,  it lacks everything a good movie requires. It is disconnected as it is stupid and boring.”

CSJ says ” I do not enjoy reviewing the movie so low because of the sheer amount of enjoyment I’ve gotten out of it, however in the name of objectivity, I must say this movie is not good.”