Directed by Peter Jackson and Written by Peter Jackosn, Fran Wash, Philippa Walsh, King Kong is a action, drama and adventure movie that takes place in New York, 1993.  When a determined movie producer Carl Denham (Jack Black ) with his cast voyages to a unexplored island called , “Skull Island,” they encounter King Kong a giant ape,  dinosaurs and other enormous creatures. Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) an actress in Denham’s film is taken away by the giant ape.  The crew rush to find Ann; throughout the movie Ann and the ape form a bond.

King Kong was released in 2005, had a budget of 207 million USD,  and the movie has also won three Oscars and some other awards too. Some other films by Jackson are Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

A few reason why I enjoy this movie is because there’s a lot of action and unexpected things that pop up, and you don’t expect to happen. For example when I first saw the movie I did not expect to see dinosaurs at all. And even though this movie is 3 hours long, there’s never a dull moment except for the beginning. The music and sound effects in the background are also really effective. I will admit I did tear towards the end. If I had to rate the movie I’d give it 4.8 stars.

David Denby, ” The New Yorker,” says,

“This Kong is high-powered entertainment, but Jackson pushes too hard and loses momentum over the more than three hours of the movie.”

Kirk Honeycutt, ” Hollywood Reporter,” says,

“This is spectacle film making at its best, where a director is in tune with the story’s underlying emotions and his own boyish love for adventure fantasy.”

Andrew H, person from the audience said,

“About 45 minutes too long, but great nonetheless.”