ENG 1101 LC32 Fall 2017

Researching the Truth Hiding in Plain Sight


Ladies and gentleman: the loosestrife. A nice enough looking plant, member of the lythrum family, and found growing wild in most continents. However, consider its darker side: it can grow taller than Carmello Anthony, cluster in colonies up to eight feet wide, and its fruit is also called a “capsule.” Does this sound at all like something out of sci-fi? Oh, we forgot to mention: they can resist drought.

Here you go. A plant bigger than a man, that doesn’t need water.

Please write a short paragraph as though you were Stephen King, and cast “loosestrife” as you please.


  1. I can’t even speak. I’m too overcome with fear.

  2. My girlfriend loves going to the flower boutique. Me, I’m not a fan of flowers because I’m allergic to them. One sniff of pollen, it clogs up my lungs. Luckily but yet sadly she told me to get your medicated pills from the pharmacy. At the boutique looking around at the flowers, I’m putting on a fake act as if I’m enjoying my day with my baby but not really. “Oh my god bae… bae look at these flowers”. Turned around and saw a crop like group of tall purple flowers. So intimidated by the fact it was taller than me. I’m 6’3 but these flowers were maybe over 8 fight tall. It seem like something straight out of a sci-fi genre. So my girlfriend asked one of the workers for the name of these flowers. The worker said its called the “Loosestrife” . Now I asked where are the rest of the flowers to the worker. They said you have to walk through the” Loosestrife”

    • …so I pretended to walk ahead–just a few paces for show–then quickly turned to go–but it was already too late. Some kind of tendril grabbed me; it pulled me back into the shop. A capsule entered my bloodstream–don’t ask me how. Suddenly, I fainted, and everything turned black…

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