Home – Rownak Choudhury’s ePortfolio

Welcome to my ePorfolio!

This portfolio contains samples of my creations in forms of writing and designs, such as the title image above. I have learned a lot in the process of creating the content presented here. Everything that is presented before you contains either a project I was extremely passionate about and/or a project where I preformed decently, as a Tech Writing student.

The navigational links lead to each page of this ePortfolio on OpenLab.  These pages include Portfolio Profile, Home, About Me, Work Samples, Academics, Learning Blog, External Portfolio, Internship, Cover Letter, and Resume. Each page contains descriptions detailing and helping to maneuver through the links.

My eportfolio is a window into my understanding and application of technical writing and design. I have much more to learn and  experience. OpenLab serves as a continuing platform for me to showcase to you what I have learned and created thus far.

Student in Tech Writing (B.S.)