Project #3: Enhancing Lessons Using Technology

Project 3:
Modify an existing lesson plan (or create a new one) to enhance the learning experience using technology that is aligned with your subject area.

Upd_Project #3_RCC


During this activity, I was able to explore and design a lesson plan and improve in different ways to make it more specific. I realized when I write a lesson plan, I have to be very specific when I am writing one to make sure there is no doubts after reading it.

Project #2: Multimedia Product

Project 2:

Option 1: Audio Podcast – Create a max five-minute or less (but more than three minutes) audio podcast that introduces a topic from your subject area that a listener can learn more information about in the short non-visual manner.


During this activity, I was able to realize when I am speaking, my lesson sounds different from when I am teaching. This allows me to improve more in different ways I can teach.

Project #1: Spreadsheet Data Analysis

Project 1:

Conduct an item analysis by using a pre-existing or self-generated multiple-choice assessment (limit to four [4] answer choices) related to your subject area. You should ensure you have at least five (5) questions and ten (10) respondents, in order to analyze the data.

RonaldoC_Spreadsheet Data Analysis (4)


This activity was very useful as I can apply this technique in the future to improve my teaching style. This activity could be used as a backup to prove different challenge I might encounter when I am teaching.