Discussion #11: Considering Activities that Align with Standards

Discussion 11:

Outline an activity you would use in your classroom that is aligned to a learning standard; using the activity as a starting point, determine the technology that can be used to conduct the activity and identify level the SAMR model it belongs to

Discussion #11


This activity made me aware of the SAMR model and make me see of the different ways I can apply this method into my teaching ways. Seeing different comments of my peers also made me develop new ideas that I can use in the classroom.

Discussion #8: Empowering Students Using Technology for Alternate Learning

Discussion 8:

Select a gamification solution that you might use for your own classes, describe the rationale for using this specific tool in your setting, as well as the method you will use it to foster greater student engagement.

Discussion #8


Kahoot is the tool I used for this activity. Even though I was introduced into this tool before, I did not know that this tool can be used in a way that could engage students so they would be able to retain more knowledge

Discussion #5: Communication With Parents

Discussion 5:

Create a table that assesses the benefits and drawbacks of the following types of technology for communicating with parents: Emailing Newsletters, Phone Blasts (Mass Recorded Phone Calls), Mail Merging Letters, Parent Video Conferences, or Social Media

Discussion #5


During this activity, I was aware of the pros and cons of the different types of technology for communicating with parents. I found Social media to be the best way to engage with parents outside of the classroom

Discussion #2: Analyzing an EdTech Solution

Discussion 2:

Provide a recent example of a trending educational technology solution that explains the benefits, as well as any drawbacks that could occur from implementation in the classroom.

Discussion #2


During this activity, I remembered the first days when I started using Google Classroom. When I first started Google Classroom, I was surprised about the different conveniences Google Classroom can bring into working with peers under different circumstances.