Open Lab


I attend the Open Lab seminar that was held on May 5th. The key thing I learned was organization. Although my e portfolio isn’t very organize its by the design. At the seminar the instructors stated that the format I had for this class makes sense due to ability to show procession easily. But in the future I must organize my e portfolio especially if I plan to use it to show case my work for potential employers. As long as I remember my password and user name I can use this e portfolio for as long as I like. Being that this uses word press i can also transfer the content of this page to another. I learned something about google searches as it pertains to being searched. So if I remain active on this page when searched say by a potential employers this would be one of if not the first hit. Its very important for me especially because I have such a common name. Unfortunately I don’t have much to post on the subject due to not learning as much as I expected. I was the only person who showed up and I think that threw off the instructors not only that but they didn’t seem to want to be there. Although it was more personal it didn’t help much because they asked me what i wanted to know and i could only ask so much not knowing the questions that i should possibly ask since i’m not familiar with open lab and only use it ever so offend for this class. None of my current class use open lab. They do have office hours so if anything does pop up they are available. So all hope is not lost so to speak

About Rafael Lopez

I live to create. My imagination takes me to different mindsets, to different universes, to different dimensions. I remain grounded in reality. A reality where I seek to break my limits through education. I am on the road to becoming a graphic designer. I'm looking to better my creative expression any chance i get. Gaining inspiration through everyday life. Through my experiences and the experiences of others. I hope to become a creative director in the comic book industry or any medium that allows me to tell a narrative of my own creation. I can also see myself in the advertisement industry. As I take this journey into the unknown one thing is for sure I will work hard to break the walls down of my limits
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