Issues getting one on one time with radiologist

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I am having some difficulties getting time to sit with the radiologist to discuss our patient, if I can’t confer with him by next week we will just have to go ahead with what we have. I am sure we can put together a comprehensive well thought out project regardless! Just wanted to let everyone know what was going on.


Paper Outline Requirements

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For those of you that will be taking on the arduous task of weeding through all of the research we have compiled for the most pertinent bits of information, I must make you aware of the format our paper will require; the AMA style. I know we are all more accustomed to the MLA format, but since this project is going to be highly publicized within the open lab forum we have been informed that it was necessary to adhere to a format befitting our field/project. Here is a link that will familiarize you with the required format This is the format which medical professionals use when writing papers.


Patient Pathology Acute Cholecystitis

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I have gotten some of the images for our project. Since I took part in the patients┬áCT guided percutaneous cholecystostomy┬áI know there were several hundred images (which would be overkill and the hospital would’nt give me). I selected one I felt best demonstrated the size of the gallbladder in relation to the liver, as well as the needle being inserted to drain the excessive bile. I have also managed to get some flouro images from our patient and a list of what procedures he has had due to the cholecystitis.

Categories Layout

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I have made several categories for us to keep our information more easily organized. If you would like to post something go to the dashboard, click add a new post and on the bottom right hand of the screen you will see a blocker with the categories

1. General Communications/Disscussions

2. Group Responsibilites

3. Power Point Presentation and Viual Images

4. Project Essay

5. Research Articles/Links

just check the appropriate box for your post.