For Monday, 11/22


Hi, sorry for the delay in putting this particular agenda together: I’ve been dealing with Jamaican bureaucracy the last few days, as I’ll be in Kingston, JA, for a few days for my mother’s 80th birthday, and I’m still unsure that I’ll have the technical support I need in order for us to meet on Zoom. I am crossing my fingers that this will be possible on Wednesday. Remember that we are not doing a Zoom session today (Monday).

We spent most of class discussing the concepts of cultural capital and social capital, without discussing affirmative action at all. So please make sure to review the relevant material in Ch. 7 and we’ll talk about it on Wednesday. There’s also a prompt I’d like for you all to respond to over the next few days on Slack (see below).

Asynchronous Work

  • Identify at least one way whiteness informs your major field of study or one of the classes in which you are currently enrolled. Explain precisely how racial domination is normalised; offer at least one consequence of this normalisation and advance at least one suggestion for how whiteness might be effectively confronted (this question is almost verbatim from Desmond and Emirbayer 2016:279). 

For Next Time

  • Review Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer (2016), Ch. 7 (‘Education’): ‘Combating Educational Inequality: The Case of Affirmative Action’

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