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Anti-Segregation Love Song


  • Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer (2016), Ch. 5 (‘Housing’): ‘The City’; ‘The Suburbs’; ‘Rural America’; ‘Towards an Integrated America’

In Class

More on this in the next few days — obviously there are a number of moving parts that now need to be taken apart and reassembled online. But you’ll be glad to hear that we’ll definitely push the midterm deadline back a bit.

Update: The plan is for us to convene remotely via Zoom, so please set up an account from now, and use this link to join up at the start of our regularly scheduled class session on Monday. The basic plan only allows for 40-minute sessions, so when we get booted out, we’ll take a five minute break and then reconvene for a wrap-up session — here’s that link.

As a backup, we’ll use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra — here’s the link to join that session if we need to go to Plan B. As a Plan C, I would ask you to also open up our Slack Workspace during our class period in case the audio or video goes down on the first two platforms — this is all a bit complicated, I know. We’re all dealing with a distractingly scary situation; I ask for your patience and understanding during these trying times, and I will try to reciprocate.

Under the circumstances, what with everyone dealing with lockdown under (in some cases)  cramped conditions, possibly caring for sick relatives, or caring for children with no school to go to, I doubt that it makes sense for us to meet in real time during every regularly scheduled class session. But at least for tomorrow I think it’s important for us to convene and talk about how we’re going to get through the rest of the semester and still learn things. On Wednesday we’ll try to have an asynchronous discussion — one, IOW, that can go on throughout the day and doesn’t require us all to log in and be present at the same time. We’ll try Slack for that. (More on this in tomorrow’s class.)

  1. Once More into the  Breach: On the Invisibility of Whiteness
  2. Discussion: Housing and Ethnic Segregation
  3. SOC 1104 Wrap-Up
    • Take-Aways
    • For Next Time

For Next Time

  • Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer (2016), Ch. 6 (‘Crime and Punishment’): ‘The Rise of the American Prison’; ‘Fear’

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