For Wednesday, 3/4

Here’s a link to the Op-Ed on the demographics of Bernie Sanders voters I mentioned Monday. Joe Biden, on the other hand, profited greatly in yesterday’s voting from his popularity among black voters.


  • Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer (2016), Ch. 4 (‘Economics’): ‘Economic Racism from the New Deal to Reaganomics’; ‘Income and Wealth Disparities’; Chasing the American Dream’

In Class

  1. Attendance
  2. Examples of the Invisibility of Whiteness
    • The War on Drugs (Leanie)
  3. The Black-White Wealth Gap
  4. For Next Time

For Next Time

  • Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer (2016), Ch. 4 (‘Economics’): ‘Labor Market Dynamics’; ‘Welfare’; ‘When Affirmative Action Wasn’t White’; ‘The Value of Inconvenient Facts’

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