For Wednesday, 2/5


    • Michael A. Caulfield, Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers (2017), Part I (‘Four Strategies and a Habit’); Part II (‘Look for Previous Work’), Sections 1 (‘How to Use Previous Work’), 2 (‘Fact-Checking Sites’), 3 (‘Wikipedia’); Part III, Section 1 (‘Going Upstream to Find the Source’); Part IV (‘Reading Laterally’), Sections 1 (‘What Reading Laterally Means’), 18 (‘Basic Techniques: Web Domains, WHOIS’); 20 (‘Stupid Journal Tricks’); 21 (‘Finding a Journal’s Impact Factor’); 22 (‘Using Google Scholar to Evaluate Author Expertise’), 23 (‘How to Think About Research’), 25 (‘Choosing Your Experts First’), 26 (‘Evaluating News Sources’), 27 (‘National Newspapers of Record’), [Part VI (‘Field Guide: Unfinished Articles’), Sections 40 (‘Avoiding Confirmation Bias in Searches’), 41 (‘Opposition Research’), and 42 (‘Advanced Wikipedia’)]

In Class

  • Attendance
  • Discussion: Four Strategies and a Habit
  • For Next Time

For Next Time

  • Matthew Desmond and Mustafa Emirbayer (2016), Ch. 2 (‘The Invention of Race’): ‘Modernity Rising’; ‘Colonization of the Americas’; ‘The Invention of Whiteness and Blackness’

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