Dining Room Operations/ Advance Studies In Hospitality Management

Dining Room Operations

Dining Operation was a very fun course to take. We were taught how to set up tables properly for a fine dining restaurant and the rules for serving guests. Taking this course enable us to experience what it’s like to work in fine dining restaurants. This isn’t just an ordinary class because we have reservations in our dining room. Everyone worked together as a team; making sure guest gets their food and serving them properly.

Advance Studies In Hospitality Mangement

Advanced Studies In Hospitality Management was a very interesting course to take. When I first applied for this course I did not expect to create a business plan at all. We were taught the many different components that make up a business plan, and how to incorporate them into our final group project, which is to create a business plan.  The link below shows the we

The link below shows the website that our group worked on for the business plan.