Line Design


This was our very first project. We had to evoke certain feelings in our art using only lines- Two up feelings and two down feelings.

I chose Ascension and Flight for my up feelings. Although These two are kind of related, I chose them because I felt like I could really emphasize the differences between them. Through the use of curved lines directed toward a singularity at the top, I tried to convey the feeling of being able to pierce the sky, to ascend into the heavens above. For flight, I used straight lines that focused near the center, to give the feeling of flying forward. And by controlling the relative concentration of lines in a certain point, I could really evoke the feeling of the effort involved with flying, from air resistance to turbulence. For my down feelings, I chose consume and pressure. Consume is supposed to emphasize the feeling of falling, being swallowed into the darkness – whether literally falling into the darkness of a maw, or figuratively. The spikes represent the mouth closing around you, trapping you within. For pressure, I utilized a relatively low concentration of lines at the top, however the even spacing creates a sense of enormous weight and, well, pressure. The bottom part features an increased concentration of lines, to evoke the chaotic feeling of using all the power you find against constant, unchanging pressure, however futile.

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