My Philosophy

I believe that nursing is a profession that is achieved; not given. I believe that as a nurse, I should take pride in my profession. I believe that I should exercise leadership and should not be overpowered by the physician; rather I should work collaboratively to maximize patients’ well being. I believe that it is my responsibility, as a patient advocate, to ensure that all healthcare decisions are patient-centered. I believe that every patient has a right to exercise their autonomy. I believe that when rational, no one knows what’s in the patient’s best interest as well as themselves.

I believe that nursing is not just my “job”, it’s my character. I believe that the true meaning of nursing should manifest in all that I do. I believe that the Jean Watson model of caring should be enforced in every facility; as well as in every nursing school curriculum. I believe that care should not be routine, but instead displayed freely and without force. I believe that I should not succumb to “nursing fatigue”, but rather I should continue to display acts of empathy. I believe that I should view my patients not just as someone to care for, but as an opportunity to develop a real and trusting relationship.

I believe that nursing is innovative; not standard. I believe that nursing is open to a culture of change. I believe that nursing is constantly evolving and that therefore, practices should be updated to accommodate the emerging demands. I believe that a change in the culture of nursing solely succeeds when all parties are actively involved.



This is a website cataloging my growth from a nursing student to a RN