About Me

Hello and welcome to my Openlab site!

My name is Paulina Tipantasig, and I am from Ecuador. I lived in Spain, and now I am in New York. When I was twelve years old, my interest in art raised. Since that time, I love to draw, design, and I love technology. In addition, in high school, I decided to pursue a degree that contains art and technology. So, I decided to go for the Communication Design career at New York City College of Technology. The influencers for this decision were Paul Rand, who went beyond barriers with his design and other influencers as Picasso and DaVinci.

In my first semester at CityTech, I learned a lot of content with classes such as graphic design I, communication design, figure drawing, and more classes. In this field, I had to learn how to used software Adobe programs to develop my artworks. Throughout my time in college, I realized how much I love what I am doing. Lastly, I have to say that I am proud of the works that I did, but I know that I must learn more to become a professional in what I love to do.