In Sickness and in Wealth: Post-viewing

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For our hybrid session on Thursday, September 29th, please write your responses to the following 5 questions, and submit via BlackBoard.

1. What elements depicted in this film reflect your community?

Which issues most affect health in your community, for better and worse: housing, jobs, income, transportation, racism, schools, social exclusion or civic engagement, land use and development…? How?

2. Who makes the decisions that affect your community?

Who’s missing? How can community members gain access to power? How would you change the process? What decisions would you make differently?

3. What compelling stories do you want to tell about your community?

How would you reshape the media coverage that exists? Which voices are missing? What messages and ideas? Who are your audiences? What images and symbols would you use in communicating with media?

4. How can you make things better in your community?

What are the greatest challenges? What additional resources are needed? Who are your natural allies and how will you begin creating alliances and partnerships? What are your priorities for action?

5. What initiatives are already underway that can improve health outcomes on the local, state or federal level (e.g. living wage campaign; a drive for universal preschool; mandated paid sick leave)?

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