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Extra Credit Opportunity: 8/31/2016

For extra credit, please watch the video below.  After, try this experiment yourself! Please briefly describe your writing and phone call experience below.  Tel us how you felt after!

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extracredittalk: 9/22 1-2pm in Namm 1002 on the topic of BioEthics and organ donation.  Attend lecture and provide a brief summary and one question about the topic for extra credit.










Extra Credit Opportunity (end of semester)

Construct a response to the following article, in light of having watched Pt. 3: The House We Live In.  How much has changed in our nation since racist FHA practices?  What do you think of what’s presented in the article here? Does this affect you– maybe even your community?



33 thoughts on “EXTRA CREDIT

  1. Lots of people have made influenced me. However, the two people who influence me the most are my parents. It is to them that I credit many of my accomplishments and successes.They influence me in so many ways; whether directly or indirectly.They always encourage me to bring the best out of me. My parents didn’t have it easy as most of us do. Yet, they always stressed the importance of education. My parents’example of their hard work and their emphasis on education have strengthened me to pursue my goals. I admire them for their strengths. They are my inspiration. I certainly wouldn’t be the person i am today without the influence of my parents upon my life.
    After this experiment, i felt better about my life as a whole and more optimistic about the upcoming days. I felt more thankful, energetic, determined and enthusiastic.

  2. I picked one of my best friends Corine. She always gives me great advice and I love being with her. She’s always smiling and always in a pleasant mood. No matter what mood I’m in she can always manage to lift me up. After calling I did feel a lot better about myself then before the experiment. I felt more satisfied and a little bit more complete.

  3. After seeing this video I believe this experiment does help. I certainly spoke to my father because no matter what is going on if I’m stress or dealing with emotions he always seems to say the right thing and make me calm down. In my life I always had my parents as role models even though they didn’t finish school however, they worked hard for my family and thanks to them I’m in college by them supporting me.I do believe that a lot of people sometimes don’t have someone to talk to which is why they tend to bottle it all and it makes it hard on them not being able to count on anyone or being heard.

  4. I almost cried after I saw this video, honestly I never thought of doing something like this to a love one of mine. But I think it’s really important to let the person you love how meaningful they are in your live because you never know when is gonna be your last day in this world. So, before it’s too late, let’s tell to all our love ones how much you love them before it’s too late

  5. A person that had influence me the most would be my mother. Being a single mother of four children, it sure isn’t easy. Coming to a new country were you cant even understand the language takes a lot of courage. Working double shifts and overtime was sure exhausting. That’s why she is my rock! I will always look up to her and she definitely is an inspiration to me. I sure wouldn’t have make it this far if it wasn’t for her. After this experiment I definitely felt more thankful and determined in pursuing my dreams.

  6. Lots of people inspire me in my life, I don’t know where to start but one of my important persons is my life is my father. He is a person by whom I was influence the most. he is a very straight forward person. He was one of the very respected person in our village in Bangladesh. He love to help poor people as a result people used to love him a lot. He is very hard working person, when we came here in New York he was working 7 days a week to support our family and he never complained. He gave me full support and push me to complete my degree. Often I reach home late night from my work and he always wait for me with food. However, since last month he was suffering from a cancer. as a result I am really depress these days, I feel like my happiness was stick with my father. I can’t wait to see him as he was. This experiment help me to think and realize how much I love my father. He is the rule model of my life.

  7. This video made me realize to always remind all of your loved ones how much you really appreciate everything they do for you. I have a hand full of people who inspire me but the person who has been the most inspiration in my life in my life currently is my uncle Jim. I always ask him about life lessons and advice on certain decision makings if I am unsure. As a kid, I wanted to become a cop just like my uncle until I realized my true passion for the medical field. I did do the experiment and wrote a page down of good things I had to say to him. I explained to him about experiment before I hung up the phone. It made him very happy but he did tell me that most of my hard work and success has been coming from myself the whole time. He has guided me in the right direction and I feel so much better I told him by thanking him. I noticed I did become a lot happier that he a role model he is in my life and he inspires me everyday to be a better self than I was yesterday.

  8. This video made me cry. There are so many people that make me happy every time, and they have different roles in my life. Happiness is when u feel good from inside and you expressed that happiness in front of people. I feel happy when i see people are happy because of me.

  9. I loved the videdo and I find this experiment to be very interesting. I’ve had a few people that have been influetial to me at some point throughtout my life, but there’s 2 people in particular that mean the world to me and these are my parents. They are very hardworking and have always pushed me to better myself and never give up in pursuing my dreams. They are big contributors to my happiness, my role models and my inspiration to keep moving forward and I make sure to remind them of it.

  10. After watching this video it really made me want to send a big thank you to all those that have inspired me and made a huge impact in my life. For me, doing this experiment was a little difficult because I had to be honest with myself and pick someone who really help mold me. The person I chose doesn’t own a phone and I had to kneel down to talk to them. It was my son. I thanked him for helping me grow and providing me with guidance. Looking back I didn’t realize how far I have came since I became a mom. For the past 6 and 1/2 years, I made every decision in life with him in mind first. I told him that his mommy loves him very much and he is the reason why I work so hard and smile so much. This was a great experiment and although he’s just a child, he fully understands the love I have for him and is well aware of how much energy he pulls out of me… but how much more I put into him.

  11. The person who’s really important in my life is definitely my mother. To me, she is a superwomen. She does almost everything to this family as well as supports me no matter what. In this experiment, I wrote a lot of how she helped me in the past, especially when I dropped out of school and struggled about my future. She did not blame me for what i had done, but encouraged me and brought my back to the right track. After I read all these to her, I felt a bit embarrassing first, then I felt so happy. It was embarrassing because I never said things like these to her even through I wanted to. I felt happy is because I finally take this chance to tell her how I feel about her, and realized I am so happy to have all these supports from her.

  12. The person I chose to show my gratitude to is my mother. I didn’t really have to call her, but the experience of reading my letter to her was very sweet. My mother has many health issues, but always pushes through and manages to be my rock, as well as my brother’s. To see her happy makes me happy, so when I read her my letter it was an amazing feeling.

  13. The person i chose to show my gratitude to was my mother. My writing consisted of everything she has done for me to get me to where i am now. Funny thing is i called her while she was having a bad day at work and reading my letter to her made her day 1000 times better then how it started. Truthfully this is nothing new because i consistently tell her how much i am thankful for what she has done but calling her on that day seemed a lot better than usual. And i felt a lot better even though i was already having a great day. Thanks for putting this video up and letting me try it for myself. Cheers.

  14. I choose my best friend from middle school, Bryant. I haven’t seen him since he left to Mexico for med school 3 years ago, so i wasn’t able to contact him. However if I were able to reach him i would love to do it face to face. As kids he always spoke about becoming a doctor. He pushed me in every class trying his best to help me succeed with him. Every year both of us would come out on top of our classes, but i always came just shy of beating him. Bryant has been my motivation inside and outside of school for the past 14 years. His ability to manage school work, family time, and two jobs really opened up my mind that you can do anything you put your mind to.

    So for now, ill just patiently wait until he comes back to NY from where ever he may have traveled to after graduating. And remind him that he isn’t just my best friend, but a brother.

  15. The person I picked for this was my mother. Even though we do not always see eye to eye, writing down and expressing my feelings to her and then reading it to her really made a difference. I told my mother that even though we have our problems, I would not ask for another mother. With every thing she has been through I know she always did it with me in her mind. Now that she is sick with MS it does not change how I feel about her and I know that she still wants what is best for me no matter her limitations. I also let her know that she has inspired me to be as motivated and strong as her in whatever I do in life and that I love her very much even though it is not often said. This really made me feel good and my day so much better.

  16. The person I picked to make is phone call was my high school counselor. She was my role model who influenced me and inspired me to do what I want to do for my future career. I was afraid to make this phone call because we haven’t talk to each other ever since I graduated from high school. She didn’t know she was the one who influenced me to go into social work. It felt so good after I expressed the feelings and appreciation to her. I was so happy that she still remembers me very well.

  17. There are a few people that have influenced my life in a positive. However the two most influential ones are my sister and my best friend. They are my inspiration that inspired me to go on, my strength that help me to believe in myself no matter what obstacles I encountered. Telling them what they have done for me and how important their encouragements were to me was a surprise to them. They always encourages me about school and even if I had a difficult day just talking to them and listening to their words of reassurance allows me to stand with confidence. I had never done anything like this to tell someone they are my inspiration…it took me awhile to do it, however after doing so it felt so rewarding to me and I am happy that I did it….very rewarding

  18. My day thus far has been average. I decided to express gratitude to my father. This man had been an inspiration to me ever since I have known myself. His patience, kindness and understanding are just a few attributes as to why I admire and love him so much. After expressing these feelings/thoughts towards my dad I felt great. He was stoked! I felt great pleasure in making someone’s day instead of worrying about what was not going accordingly in mine. Thanks for having my do this assignment professor.

  19. I went to Bioethics and organ donation program but couldn’t spend a lot of time; I was there for 15 to 20 minutes. They were talking about the important organs in our body that needs to function properly in order to survive. They were inspiring people to sing up organ donation. It was an interesting lecture, I wish I could be there little longer because it was very informative.

  20. I don’t think that much has changed in our nation since FHA because the ideal of the FHA was to basically help people become homeowners. Yet, some people aren’t able to own their own property due to racial profiling, racial inequity, or simply because of one’s skin color. With the assumption of those who can afford are willing to accept/take anything just to exclude themselves from these categories as the article put it’ “It’s just they messing up- they bring everything down.” How unsound is this quote? being denied the mortgage because they are came from a particular background or black doesn’t value the idea of “all men are created equal” With equal rights to own properties, buy or leave where it pleases you. Personally, this article doesn’t take into account what Jefferson has long fought for which was equal rights for us all and it’s upsetting to think that some people still blinded and incorporate racism as part of their daily lives “We’re not paying that much money to have black people live in the building” or near us in the same building. It’s very disturbing to think about this quote neither to actually quote it.

  21. As i am watching this video i already felt warmth in my heart. finals are approaching and I’ve been having a very stressful semester. However, for that one moment through out the video i felt calmness in me, I felt a sense of goodness overall. my mother and father are opposite individuals yet they are both equally inspiring and motivating. my parents came from nothing and have been working non stop 24/7 to care for their children. my parents are my heroes, the people that influence me every single day and the people that I look up to. Instead of calling them i had the opportunity to speak to them face to face and express myself. this was an amazing experience, it definitely made a huge difference in my happiness and their happiness.

  22. After reading the article and watching the third part of the documentary I am still in disbelief. I’ve always known racism exist but never knew how crucial it still was. I don’t think things have changed after the FHA, the FHA is a loan given out by a bank to people so that the population of homeowners can increase. However, this isn’t the case for minority most importantly ‘blacks’. Still in today’s society not only are blacks still having trouble becoming homeowners but they are even having trouble becoming employed just because of their skin color. The fact that in the article it stated that whites wouldn’t pay the prices for rent because ‘blacks’ are living in the building and that blacks bring everything down is just unacceptable. Through the hardships our ancestors went through, and even some of our great grandparents in the early 1900s it is sometimes hard to face reality and know that decades later nothing has changed.

  23. I am not surprised with the content of the article, this is something that has been going on for years. Nothing much has changed since the FHA came into existence, because even though they provided loans so that people could become homeowners blacks have not benefited much from this. Black people constantly experience racism in every area of their lives. Discrimination in housing, education, health insurance, employment, loans, even to purchase a car we are charged a higher percentage rate. Racism is very much alive in this nation and will continue to grow. Why? Because minorities are not given the same opportunities as whites. Even though Thomas Jefferson state that ” all men are created equal” the African American race was not included. If all rights were given to black people then there would be no racism, equal opportunity would be for all I am so disappointed that if black tenants moved into a building that consist of only white tenants there would be such an uproar. A person should never be judged by the color of their skin because when one look at the human race we are all one whether black, white, Asian, Hispanic etc. Many shared same or similar DNA traits even though we look different, but when we get a cut we all bleed the same color blood “red.” It is unfair that because of the color of a person skin they are unable to obtain loan to purchase a home, if they do the mortgage rate is higher than a white person. Studies have proven that white males with a criminal record are more likely to get a job than a black male with a clean record. Such discrimination…..we are living in a oppressed society.

  24. After reading this article and watching the movie, I most definitely feel like nothing has changed over the years. Especially living in Brooklyn you constantly hear about neighborhoods being “up & coming”. And most of the time all that means is that they are moving out all the minorities and moving the “rich & classy” people in. One person I know who has been living in my community (park slope) for 40+ years is constantly being offered money to move out of her three bedroom, rent stabilized apartment. I can see what the landlord in the article was talking about where if there is minorities in a building white people won’t want to move in. In my own community there is a whole block where Spanish people dominate and no other group of people will move on to that block because they are fearful, which I will never understand. We like to believe things have changed but they haven’t at all.

  25. After reading this article and watching the movie, I most definitely feel like nothing has changed over the years. Especially living in Brooklyn you constantly hear about neighborhoods being “up & coming”. And most of the time all that means is that they are moving out all the minorities and moving the “rich & classy” people in. One person I know who has been living in my community (park slope) for 40+ years is constantly being offered money to move out of her three bedroom, rent stabilized apartment. I can see what the landlord in the article was talking about where if there is minorities in a building white people won’t want to move in. In my own community there is a whole block where Spanish people dominate and no other group of people will move on to that block because they are fearful, which I will never understand. We like to believe things have changed but they haven’t at all.

  26. After reading this article I am not surprised of what the building owner had to say. Coming from a history of doing part time construction, i have seen and heard many home owners say similar things. Many of these owners want to keep the their properties minority free, in order to make more money. Its honestly disgusting hearing what they have to say. Not only has my experience with home renovation helped shed light to this experience, but personally seeing this happen to my sister when she was in the market to buy an apartment. Many owners neglected her offer because she is a young Hispanic women, attempting to to move into a predominantly “white” neighborhood. Indirectly she has been told she doesn’t “fit in” with the neighborhood, and it would cause future problems within the community. However, this issue has not been seen within my area at least from my experience. (East Elmhurst). Just in my block alone we have tons of Dominican, African, Indian, Greek, and Canadian families living here. However, once you move outside of heavily diverse areas such as Flushing, and Corona i feel as if this issue is extremely common. Any neighborhood that is on the verge of growing is the prime target for landlords like these.

  27. I am little surprise with the content that the racism still didn’t change much of it. This article has a deep connection to the documentary “The house we live in”. FHA started with an idea to help people to live American dream but they didn’t treated people equally as they supposed to be. As a result nothing much has changed since the FHA practices. Article “I Put in White Tenants” is the proof that the black people are still discriminated. The white tenant doesn’t want to live with the black people next door. The white people pay extra amount for rent to live with white community. It was little bit disappointing that black tenant have to live in a building with other black people but not in a building where white people living. However, this article remind me one situation I experienced. I used to work in a restaurant where I get chance to talk with different people from different background. One day I was talking to a white customer and he said he is trying to sale his house since there are too many black people in his neighborhood. I wanted to make some argument but since I just work there I simply said, I will let you know if I find anybody. I was really disappointed about his mentality since we are living in 21st century and a country like America, where people from all around the world.

  28. After watching this video, the people I chose were my parents. To me they are my motivation in everything I do. They have sacrifice so many things for me, I will forever be thankful. They are always there to give me advice, I know I can always count on them no matter what. Thanks to them, I am who I am now. After expressing my feelings to them, it felt great, made us a lot happier. I usually don’t say these things to them often, but thanks to this video it made my day. Thank you professor for sharing this.

  29. I Don’t know who to pick, I have so many people that are influential in my life. I would have to say my sister Tiff, we are 5 years apart but she’s the one person I can count on. She’s always there even when she’s going through her own struggles. But just having her as a sister is something I’m grateful for.

  30. After reading the article, I must say that I was not surprise at all. Things have not changed for minorities and our communities. However, institutions such as banks and mortgage companies has found additional clauses and loop holes to disguise this racist and deplorable system. What is ironic, is that the Jewish community is also looked upon with disdain by many whites. Yet, they have no problem robbing and making dishonest transactions with other minorities. White people thinking the presence of black people in a community devalues that community is not new. Black people were unfairly kept out of communities before. However, white people are moving into our communities and pushing us out. Lines were clearly drawn and neighborhoods such Bed Stuy and Bushwick were considered black communities. These were communities that blacks were placed to live. Now, due to rent hikes in Manhattan, white people are now moving into black communities displacing them again. Absolutely nothing has changed, it is now done in the closet with closet racism. As a member of the Buswick community, I have witnessed vast changes in my neighborhood. Many black home owners have sold their homes, and now the land lords on my treelined block only rent to white people. The laundrymat at the corner was once owned by an Asian family, is now owned by Russian Jews. Who only employs Russian Jews. On Bushwick, where there is an increase of side walk cafes and restaurants. However, there is also a surge of increased of prices in our supermarkets, vegetable markets, cleaners and other services. A three bedroom which was once 1500 dollars is now 3000, which is definitely out of the reach of most minority families’ budget.

  31. I have several great people in my life who has influenced me and molded me into the woman I am today. However, my parents have been the cornerstone of my success and resilience. Growing up with a christian mother who made going to church a priority, and a father who loved to teach me to play cards Sundays after church. I realized a long time ago I had the best of both worlds! To date, they would be the first to know about any of my accomplishments or challenges. I value their opinions and always take their advice into consideration. So when I did the experiment I was really excited to get to the phone call aspect of it. Even though I call my parents several times day, this phone call was extremely enjoyable. After reading my letter to them I felt really humbled to hear my father tear up as he told me he was so proud of the woman I am. My mom, who is always emotional was even more so. As for me, it felt extremely good to spontaneously do this, it definitely was the highlight of my week.

  32. After reading this article, nothing has changed on racist FHA practices in our community. I feel that it still exists to this day. My aunt lives in her East New York apartment building for about 25 years. This apartment building is rent-stabilized but every one to two years she is being offered some money to move out of this building. Although she wants to move eventually, she knows that giving up this apartment means moving to a more expensive place where she is probably just going to get by like everyone else in New York. What I found saddening is that they spoke about how they felt that the blacks were “messing up and bringing everything down”. This article has a similar connection to the movie we watched in class, The House We Live In. The movie addressed things like redlining where there is a limit to the financial services in specific neighborhoods because the residents are people of color. When they blacks moved in, they thought that it de-valued homes and neighborhoods which cause the whites to move out at first. Now today, even though the Community Reinvestment Act was passed to try to reduce redlining incidences, discrimination still impacts some neighborhoods. I still think this affects me and my community. I live in the Mill Basin section of Brooklyn where in the beginning, rent was $1400. Now rent has increased to $2000. This has caused many black families to move out and more white families to move in. These families are just getting by.

  33. There are a handful of people that has influenced me over the years. In fact since I was born. One of them being my mother. I express to my mother as often as I can how grateful I am to have someone like her. One person I don’t really do this to would be my Aunt who plays a major role in my life. I decided to write a letter and called her. After reading the letter to her, she choked back tears which made it very emotional in the end. She stated that she is very proud of me and thanked me for the letter because her day wasn’t going so smooth. This made me appreciate this moment.

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