Growing up as kid I always envied pens—didn’t do nothing particular with them, so I scribbled stuff.  One day a dude told me! Youth you can create fonts: you write, shape, and, size them all the same; never  understood a  thing he said, but it sounded interesting. I guess, for me, graphic communication is something embedded more then an interest.  I have a passion for the field and hope to make excellent academical achievements during my studies.  I am pursuing a bachelor degree in communication design at New York City College of Technology with enthusiasm in the web module.  While I won’t admit the journey is sweet, I must say that it is not a regretful one.  I have inherited an abundance of knowledge that are inspiring me every day; though I have had my challenges, especially math, but it was all good.  I am working very hard in order to be a successful student, so at the end of my career I can take my values into the market place as employee or an entrepreneur with a very impressive portfolio.




The concept behind the logo starts with black diagonal shapes that signifies experience.  the circular sequence that is seen through visual perception means it is continuous. the continuity is also symbolic in the flat background that contrast the “P, and S” if looked at abstractly reveals 96 when inverted becomes 69 which is dual.  The arrow heads signifies the different direction I have taken to achieve my goal in graphic design.   The “P”, and “S” personify the designer’s credential.  The name “Peter” which is strong by nature, but as human liable to err; and “Seraphine” which is more forbearing, and reverent to the determine, is intertwined with the “P” that hangs with slender along the “S” , when combined equals to confidence.  Both typefaces are Adobe Garamond a modern font that comes in a variety of weight, types, and, styles.  Fonts that has such variations are very useful when dealing with typography, because that one font can be used to compose a complete editorial piece.