Personal Room Work In Progress – 4/1/2020

Hello, this is my personal room/world that I made using Probuilder.

Overall, I liked using probuilder when it came to making arches which I used to make small tunnels connecting my living room and small park area. It was a bit tricky my first time using it, however the more I made walls and floors, the more I understood it. As for the furniture and nature assets, I used the unity asset store and decorated the place.

I may have gone overboard as I needed to make one room, but I enjoyed this assignment.

As I mentioned in the title this is still a work in progress:

To Do List:

Finish the walls

Adding materials to the tunnels, and park area.

More furniture?

Here are some screenshots:

Personal VR Chat Room Day 2 Summary

Finished my vr chat room. I used models from sketchfab to decorate my room, unity’s asset store barely had nay models that caught my interest. I used sketchfab and unity plugin to ease the progress of getting models.

Sketchfab for unity 1.1.1 plugin helped me a lot. (Highly recommend)

Here are some screenshots below:

Personal VR Chat Room: Day 1 Summary

So far I’m enjoying this assignment. The tutorial’s commentator explains things very well. I’ve played around with the materials and changed their colors.

To do list:

  • Finish tutorial ( 13 minutes left)
  • Upload room to VR Chat to see it.
  • Download assets and place into the room.

Here’s my progress so far, not done yet:

MR/VR Game Idea: Garbage Bots

Title: Garbage Bots

Goal: Help NYC become a cleaner place.

Summary: Players control robots that are capable of basic movement and bale to grab things with their hands. Player control these robots with their VR and motion controllers. Players are able to see though the robots camera and can then proceed to collect trash in real time. Players are rewarded through the amount of trash that they collect. Some of these rewards include gift cards, giveaways, and many more. Furthermore, there’ll be a leader board to see who has cleaned NYC the most.



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