Project Description

For my culmination project I want to make a digital card game, Project CG. Let’s start off with the things Project CG is not. Its is not a collectible card game, it’s not a a deck building game and it is not a turn based game; well actually you will get one turn. This is a strategic card playing game that consist of two players taking their turns at the same exact time and followed by the game executing what the players have strategize.


This will be a logic heavy game and I hope to use that to brush up on my programming skills. I will have to brush up on my C# skills as I haven’t used that programming language that often.  Along with the programming, I plan on using unity game engine to power this game. This should be fun as I have yet to make a full game on unity. For all the model making I will use blender as it is the 3D modeling program I am most familiar with. Although I am not going to make any object in the game that complex so I don’t expect that to take up too much of my time.

Project Deliverables

  • Game Design Document
  • Methodology
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • A beta version of project CG
  • Poster
  • OpenLab Portfolio


Scheduling for this going to be difficult due to me working a full time taking classes. I plan on working on this project during the weekend at least 8 hours a week. The first thing I will do is make all the simple asset this game requires luckily they  are going to be hard to model or texture since I plan on using very simple assets. After I make all the necessary assets I will make a very simple in game UI, if I am ahead of schedule I will make game menus and add more options UI. After that I plan to start coding the in game logic and all other necessary logic. This is what will take the longest and depending on how close I am to the dead line a lot of things may get cut.

Required Resources

I have a custom built computer at home with all the necessary programs I will be using. At first I will use blender to make any models and assets. Then use Photoshop/illustrator for any textures and UI. Followed by using unity as my game engine and visual studio as my IDE.


Time. I say time because in recent years most of this software has gone “free” or “free” with a student ID. But the total amount of hours I plan on working on this project is 100 hours and if I were to get paid as an Unity dev the pay for working on this app would be around 2,800 by my own rough calculations.