Our field trip to the Museum of the City of New York was both illuminating and fun.  The museum is devoted to the past, present, and future of New York City in terms of culture and economics.  There was one permanent exhibit on display, as well as several temporary exhibits.  I found three pieces, each from a different exhibit, that really impacted me.

The first was from the museum’s permanent exhibit about the history of New York City.  It was an interactive display about Jennie June, a transgender woman from the late 19th century, who was an advocate for the lgbt community.  I found this part of the exhibit to be stunning, because so often lgbt figures of the past are ignored or viewed as not important, but it’s important to me to see lgbt people from history because it’s empowering.

The second was from a permanent exhibit on the ground floor of the museum.  It was an infographic about ‘what makes New York New York’, and it highlighted four attributes of New York City that combined make it unique: money, diversity, density, and creativity.  I loved this because I often have conversations with my brother about describing and analyzing all the things that make New York City so magical, and this piece is such a concise summary of that.  I also thought the choice of sans serif typography was a strong visual element to this piece.

The third was from a temporary exhibit called A City for Corduroy.  This piece was a page from a mock up of an early version of one of Don Freeman’s children’s books.  It looked like it was made with charcoal and watercolors, and featured an illustration across both pages with small text parts.  I loved this piece because it was a really fun visual example of how to mock up a rough draft of an illustrated book, and the illustration featured was simply charming.

I would recommend this museum to any New Yorker or anyone who wants to fall in love with New York City!