For this project, I chose to go with a lyric from one of my all time favorite songs, by my favorite rock star, Patrick Wolf.  The lyric in context is, “Be your own hero, be your own savior.  Send all your suffering into the fire.”  The song is all about using your inner strength to triumph, and not letting anything stop you from getting what you want, and this lyric perfectly expresses that in a very succinct way.

Concept 1

I wanted to start this project with a photograph of myself that I art directed, in my Photography class.  The concept behind this self portrait was to present myself as a ‘superhero’, which I achieved through wearing an opulently embroidered, very regal coat, and adding super dramatic lighting.  I am obsessed with superheroes, and I love the idea of relying on myself and my inner strength so much that I almost come across as one.  That’s always something I’m striving for, so I felt this quote would go perfectly with this photograph.  I also chose Helvetica for the type because I love how bold and strong it looks, and I underlined the type to emphasize it even more.

Concept 1 FINAL

For the final version of this initial concept, I made the type smaller so it wouldn’t compete so much with the photograph behind it.  I also added the proper attribution for the quote.

Download (PDF, 578KB)

Concept 2

For my second concept, I wanted to focus on combining a hand drawn graphic with type.  So I took a graphic I drew for fun about a year ago, of a punk man wearing smeared red lipstick with his head turned and shouting, and laid it underneath the quote.  For the type, I stuck with Helvetica for it’s boldness and simplicity.  I kept this concept simple and very symmetrical because I wanted the loudness and strength of the graphic to be the focal point.

Concept 2 FINAL

For the final version of my second concept, I changed the type to Didot, which is one of my favorite fonts, and I de-italicized the type to make it more straightforward.  I also added the proper attribution for the quote.

Download (PDF, 657KB)

Concept 3

For my third and final concept, I wanted to just focus on type, so I made the quote so big that it bled off the page.  This concept was all about simplicity and the strength of the quote, so I added no images or graphics.

Concept 3 FINAL

To finalize my third concept, I changed the font of the type to Times New Roman, which I feel is one of the most ‘classic’ fonts, so that it would mirror the simplicity and minimalism of this concept.  I also added the proper attribution for the quote.

Download (PDF, 43KB)