this is my boiler room in the basement. The picture was taken with the camera flash on
this Is when the flash is off. That little round figure is the light that barely works.
this is the sound it makes.

The gothic space I chose was the boiler room in my basement. If your home alone this room we feel like something straight out of a horror movie. when we talk about something being uncanny, I feel like this room represents it. its so unsettlingly mysterious, probably because of how dark and congested it is. This room is packed with items because we also store things like suitcases, tables, and other items that we put away in the winter. you never know if you was to move anything what could pop out at you. Wether its a spider or any kind of bug. I wouldn’t stick around to find out. the noise that room makes just tops everything off. It sounds just like the suspenseful music they play in horror movies when something is about jump scare you. Now I’m not trying to say the room is haunted but the sound resembles horror movies so much you could say it is haunted. My room is actually right next door to the boiler room. Imagine laying in your room in complete darkness and hearing a sound like that. This room reminds me of the animated version of the fall of the house of usher. in the beginning, it shows the house having cracks in the walls and being surrounded by darkness just like this room.