This is the view of my apartment basement from my living room
This is the view of all the trash cans and the little lounge area that the super made for outdoor activites
This is the entrance to the connected system of basements to other buildings that the landlord owns

For my gothic space I picked the basement to my building. The reason as to why I refer to this as our basement is because there is no structure built inside the building that would be considered our basement, now the reason as to why I chose this specific place as my gothic space would be because I feel as if it has a great representation of Todorov’s uncanny especially considering the fact that this specific place is such a simple place where the porter sorts the garbage put there by the tenants and acts as a lounge area of sorts for the super that works there everyday, but the uncertainty of anything supernatural or horror related occuring along with the frightening darkness during the night puts you in a constant state of panic affects a person. It’s just very interesting how a place that’s meant to be so harmless and help out the tenants, myself included, could be such a fearful place to be because of how unaware what could be lurking in any corner or dark spot. The story that my gothic space would remind me of would be The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe, specifically at the ending when the police decide to search the house and are completely unaware of the dead body hiding within the walls of the creepy house, this basement does serve one purpose but could so many secrets to it that all of the tenants could be unaware of, secrets derived from ill intent or anything in general, but we would never know since we are not allowed to roam around (its off limits since it is for use by the landlord and any workers that service the surrounding buildings owned by the landlord) and understand it in depth ourselves.