Hi Class,

Today (12/9) was our last class! Thank you for sticking with me during this tough semester. I hope that you learned a lot and even found some ideas to take with you into the future.


End of Semester Information:


Final Essay Deadline: Monday, Dec 14 Midnight!!!!

Method: post to OpenLab (Category: Final Essay)

Helpful tip: read over the essay instructions and the student example on OpenLab, use Purdue Owl for help with quotations and Works Cited. See my Proofreading Advice at the end of this long post.



Final Exam Deadline: Wednesday, Dec 16 Midnight!!!

NOTE: I will post the Final Exam to OpenLab by 5pm on Friday.

Method: Use a spell/grammar check and send to me via City Tech email.

NOTE: Make sure to type a clear subject line: Full name, ENG3407 Final Exam


Late work: deadline is Monday, Dec 14 Midnight!!!


** SETs—student evaluation of teaching? Please fill out this form (it was sent to your City Tech Email)

** Missing work: email me ASAP

** I will have office hours this week and next.



Exam Review: the exam will consist of three sections. First section: short definition and example. Second Section: Quotation Identification. Third Section: brief essay. The exam is designed to take roughly 1:15 to complete, but take the time that you need. Make sure to proofread, revise, and spell/grammar check before emailing your exam to me. You may use your notes and the website while writing the exam.



  • SOP, from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat”
  • Gothic Definitions: Actions, Emotions, Hallmarks, Elements
  • CGI, Gothic Definitions handout, Lloyd-Smith
  • Todorov: Uncanny, Marvelous, Fantastic
  • Freud: Uncanny
  • Redemption: OpenLab
  • Gothic Architecture: OpenLab
  • Architectural Uncanny: Anthony Vidler
  • Multiple terms related to narrative: 5 part reading tool plus 3 types of irony (not including CGI)
  • Terror/Horror— Radcliffe
  • Queer theory–OpenLab
  • Focal point/focalizer, Sarcasm, paradox
  • Gothic Homesickness



  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • The Haunting of Hill House
  • “The Fall of the House of Usher” Two versions
  • “Invisible Man”
  • The Black Cat”
  • “The Lottery”
  • “The Veldt”


Revising and Proofreading Advice:

  1. Offer to trade essays with a classmate.
  2. Read the essay out loud. Enunciate each word. If something is wrong, the ear usually picks it up.
  3. Read “backwards.” This is a technique used by professional editors and proofreaders: starting at the end of your essay, read each sentence in reverse order (don’t read the words in reverse order).
  4. Revise each topic sentence to reveal exactly what the paragraph is trying to claim/assert.
  5. Replace all weak verbs with strong verbs; change passive verbs to active verbs.
  6. Make sure that topic sentences are aligned with the thesis. Do they help support the overall thesis? They should.
  7. Make sure that the thesis, topic sentences, and conclusion speak to each other–that they are linked. Revise as needed.
  8. Make sure that commas are inside the quotations.
  9. Make sure to use grammar check and spell check. Set the grammar check in MS Word to “formal.”


Stay healthy and best wishes to all!


Prof. Scanlan